So I tired, to come up with a better title for this blogpost – you know how I am, I want ’em to shine! – but, so far no luck. Maybe by the time I am done writing it?

So happy birthday old gal! Welcome to the Closer-to-thirty-than-twenty Club. It is totes fun – just because we are closer to being thirty doesn’t mean we can’t talk like teenagers, right?

Regardless, I am looking forward to our lunch date later, even if your mom joins us. I really like your mom, so she can join us if she wants to. Other than lunch I have nothing planned. Like nothing at all. I am like Phoebe that way. Also, context clearly doesn’t matter here.



No, really, no plans. I sort of screwed up any plans regarding you birthday by forgetting your present at home when I left for my parents’ place. I am sorry, and I hope by posting my apology here that you will not crucify me later. So sorry! Maybe I’ll make you a hand-made card. Or only take flattering picture of you. Or maybe not.

Okay, I’ll admit this is not the best “Happy birthday” post, but it is here, right? That has to count for something?

And no, I have yet to come up with a better title. Lame, boring and conventional “Happy birthday” it is, but hey, then we can make you birthday the opposite of that!