168 is more than too many!

Here are some (fun) facts about the number 168:

  • 168 is an even number, a composite number, and an abundant number. (I am sure you already knew that).
  • 168 is also a main belt asteroid, but then it is called 168 Sibylla.
  • The 168th meridian west is mostly ocean but also some Alaska and apparently partly Antarctica.
  • 168 is also the number of hours in a week (I checked this on my own calculator).
  • RATB route 168 is a bus route in Romania.
  • There are 168 pips on a double-six set of dominoes.
  • Some Chinese consider 168 a lucky number, because it is roughly homophonous with the phrase “一路發”, which means “fortune all the way”
  • The year 168 was a leap year.
  • 168 was also the year Ptolemy died (he was a very famous astronomer from Greece).
  • In the year 168 BC only weird stuff happened (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/168_BC).
  • There are only highways numbered 168 in Japan, Canada and USA.

But the most important fact about the number 168 is that it is the number of mutual Facebooks friends of you and I.

Mutual Friends

Personally I am scared to death. Imagine us having to talk to each one of them for an hour. We would be talking for a whole week – Without sleeping!

But then again, in China the number is considered lucky, so maybe now is the best time we will ever know? That also scares me.


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