You snooze, you lose…

So you posted about Twillight. Did it hurt?

I first want to note that you are as much in fault for making yourself the cinematic underdog as I were. We have talked about this and I have not done anything, you on the other hand have dug your own grave.

That said I actually am open to watching some of the movies you’ve mentioned:

  1. De rouille et d’os
    But only if it actually has a killer whale in it. I will not watch it if it will only let me down as the aquarium in Vienna which promised me sharks and then they turned out to be the size of small dogs.
  2. Amour
    Well duh it won an Oscar and hence I have already promised myself to watch it.
  3. Kon-Tiki
    Because I think it has some awesome effects – but the storyline still seems slightly icky to me.
  4. Paradies: LiebeParadies: Glaube and Paradies: Hoffnung
    Because we actually don’t watch enough German/Austrian movies or TV. Also they sound interesting in the story.
  5. 3096 Tage
    Because Thure Lindhardt speaks better German than English and also it sounds interesting.
  6. Los amantes pasajeros
    Because three male flight attendants are lip syncing I’m so excited.

As for the movies I am not ready to watch I hereby present you to the reason:

  1. Cesare deve morire
    Because it is Italian and documentaries are stupid enough as they are so then why would anyone make a movie that is a non-documentary but pretending to be one? I don’t get it, and I don’t want to.
  2. Lore
    Because I saw the word(s) World War II, and I just can’t!
  3. Après mai
    Just because!
  4. Kelebegin Rüyasi
    Why would you watch this? It sounds awful and lame at the same time. Also I don’t get the whole tuberculous thing!

But with all of this out of the way I will now get back to the headline of this post, which makes no sense in context with the above.

I got Eddie Redmayne… Because I called dibs. We both know dibs overrules all.

I still get chills thinking about him singing Empty Chairs at Empty Tables.
I still get chills thinking about him singing Empty Chairs at Empty Tables.

I loved him in Les Misérables, and he is on MY list know. Yey for me.


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