Foreign language movie madness.

Finally! I no longer have Twilight: Breaking Dawn: Part II  hanging over my head. All is right in the world and you are once again the cinematic underdog – I don’t say this to be cruel, but I wanted to use cinematic underdog because it just sounds awesome.

Google Image search result for cinematic underdog.
Google Image search’s first result for “cinematic underdog”.

So speaking of French movies. Metropol is actually still showing Intouchables which I still want very much to see, but for your consideration I’ve compiled a list of non-English-speaking movies I would like to watch:

  • De rouille et d’os: Rust and Bone is a French movie and here are four random plot keywords listed on IMDb: Killer Whale, Locker Room Sex, Toy Tractor and Reference to Katy Perry.
  • Amour: Oscar winning Austrian movie and I sort of assume that you want to watch it despite it promising to depress the hell out of us.
  • Cesare deve morire: Caesar Must Die is an Italian quasi-documentary about real prisoners rehearsing Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. 
  • Kon-Tiki: Norwegian movie – and a boat – based on real events. Or the book written by the guy who actually sailed the boat across the Pacific Ocean.
  • Lore: A German movie which was the Australian candidate for the 2013 Oscar show. Also it is set at the end of World War II.
  • Après mai: Something in the Air (The translation of movie titles is a whole other post) is a French movie about the youth revolution in France in the late 1960’s and as many French movies contain nudity. Of both the male and female variant.
  • Kelebegin Rüyasi: The Dream of a Butterfly is a Turkish movie about two poets, poems and falling in love. Oh, and both poets have tuberculous.
  • Paradies: Liebe, Paradies: Glaube and Paradies: Hoffnung: This is a trilogy, so I’ve take the liberty to list it as one movie since at one point during production it was. So there. It is Austrian and each movie focuses on a female member of one family. One goes to Kenya as a sex tourist, one spends time at a weight-loss camp and one tries to spread Catholicism. And as a bonus most of it – I think? – takes place in Vienna!
  • 3096 Tage: German movie based on the kidnapping of the Austrian girl Natascha Kampusch staring two Danish actors; Thure Lindhardt and Trine Dyrholm as the only other characters with names besides the girl who plays Natascha.
  • Los amantes pasajeros: I’m So Excited is a Spanish movie about a plane that might crash and the teaser trailer is basically three male flight attendants lip singing to I’m so Excited.

I think I deserve kudos for only listing ten movies . Okay fine! Nine movies and one trilogy but still, I could have continued the list. Especially after I discovered that Øst for Paradis has French Movie Mondays. Also note that there are no Russian movies on the list.


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