Let us begin at the end.

So as I’ve told you I have plenty of updates, they are just all in my head, and writing them down seems to be very difficult for me as of late.

Despite the many things I have to say I have decided to begin at the end and then go backwards at random, so for the next posts don’t be surprised if I make no sort of contextual sense.

For now I have decided to try and cheer you up, but first be a little annoying, because you loosing your purse is just not cool at all.

I bought Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 today and texted you that from the time I watch it I will no longer let you hear about the time you went to the cinema to watch it whit other people and therefore left me all alone in the cold not having watched it. Granted you later promised me you would buy the tickets for Les Misérables and that promise you kept on Thursday. So all has been forgive, but not yet quite forgotten.

This is my last shout out about the fact that you totally dissed me for Twilight, which I had begged you to go watch with me, but now I have put it in my DVD player and am about to loose the one card I held against you. So I fear a future of French sob story and Russian [what ever sort of genre they are known for] to make up for you being very agreeable for months whenever I wanted to watch anything. I fear going back to being the cinematic underdog. I have enjoyed the time I’ve had the lead, it was fun while it lasted.

Twilight breaking dawn part II


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