Give the world a reason to dance.

So everyone and their mother have discovered Kid President, by now right? His pep talk exploded on YouTube.(Go check it out. I’ll wait.)

Everybody dance now!
Everybody dance now!

And with good reason. He is a charming little fellow who likes Space Jam and just wants to make this year an awesome year for everybody. He loves to dance and firmly believes that dude Journey said: “Don’t stop believing… Unless your dream is stupid.”

But  why am I talking about Kid President now? Well, the other day SoulPancake uploaded Kid President Dance-A-Thon. And it is great. Granted a lot of people are dancing Gangnam Style, but I can live with that as long as there are cute kids running in circles.

So let’s follow Kid President’s advice and give the world a reason to dance. Or at least dance ourselves. And This is the New Year is a great song to start dancing to. Like I will be in a minute when I start cleaning my apartment.

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