Mind over matter.

Since everyone and their mother make New Years’ resolutions I thought I would make one for March. And it is a pretty simple one too.

Don’t get sick. (Or at least take better care of my health.)

Okay, that sort of makes me sound old and frail, which I’m not. I’ve just be sick with a cold on and off since late December and I am sick and tired of it – pun not intended, but the phrase best describes my feelings – and I just want to go more than a week without being snotty, sneeze-y, cough-y and headache-y. (Also I’m pretty sure I had a fever Wednesday evening, but my thermometer is dead, so I never did check.)

I figure that March will be the month where I turn it around. The month where I kick my cold. For good. I have no exams that I am going to stress over – because let’s face it, one reason why I’ve been sick-ish all of January and February was because exam stress resulted in no proper rest and thus no actual time to get over this sickness – It is getting lighter out side and Spring is on its way. I have every possibility of kicking this to the curb. And I will succeed!

Mind over matter, right?

devaintART has some interesting images to say the least.
devaintART has some interesting art to say the least. This one is by PancrasSupervisor and it is super creepy.

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