Use your words.

We should really use our words more than we’ve been doing lately on this here blog. But I don’t have anything to say. I am tired because I went all Metropolitan Rikke last night and went to a release party for Anne Bell‘s first CD and got a little drunk on white wine, cake, champagne and general silliness, so I didn’t make it home until midnight. Furthermore I was not asleep until one. And in addition to that  I had an early morning meeting with Mødregruppen at half past seven this morning. Plus I woke up at half past five and couldn’t sleep any longer. So my brain is a little fried. (It has been all week now that I think about it. Stupid 12 hour exam.)

All I really wanted to do was to post this picture. So here:

Seems legit.
How I feel almost every Thursday.  Picture credit: Forwardish on Tumblr

Also for a post where I claim I have no words I went a bit overboard with rambling.


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