For the love of bacon.

[Warning: This is a rant. Definition of rant: a bombastic extravagant speech]

First off I don’t like bacon.  I know I am a disgrace to my country for not liking bacon. I know.

Anyway when I lived in England people looked at my like I an extra head when they discovered that I – a Dane – did not like bacon. You yourself look at me funny when I asked for help cooking bacon for the first Christmas lunch you invited me too.

I am not a fan of bacon. Never have been never will be. But people love bacon so much they will make anything with bacon.

For instance: Bacon ice cream, bacon vodka, bacon salt, baconaise and something called The Heart Attack Snack. You can get anything with bacon flavour. And it is frankly rather off putting. I can live with people just liking and eating regular bacon, but why the need to make everything taste like bacon? Besides the above mentioned bacon abominations I’ve just learned of something just as bad.

Because what the hell is up with the bacon soda?! I learned of bacon soda’s existence on Good Mythical Morning where someone sent Rhett and Link a bacon soda. (Don’t worry the  bacon soda part is in the first half of the video. Just indulge me and see how they react.)

And the most important thing to take from that video – besides how horrible bacon soda really is – is the following quote:

Bacon was not meant to be liquefied.

– Rhett McLaughlin



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