So it is no secret that I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day, I mean we have had Anti-Valentine’s Day since we’ve meet. We were all hipster-like in Vienna and watched the movie Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day and laughed at all the Austrians who just did not get all the pop culture references – good times! Last year we had an Anti-Valentine’s Blog, so yes I don’t get it. At all.


Mostly because we live in Denmark. We don’t celebrate this holiday at all. Nor should we. Like Halloween it is not a Danish tradition and it should never become a Danish tradition. But in a world where we are becoming more and more Americanized per hour I can see where it is coming from. It is sad.

I don’t understand why we need to celebrate love on a specific day. I’ for one would rather have love celebrated on a random day than on February 14 just because someone said that we should. I’d rather get flowers on a random Wednesday in October than on February 14. I’d rather get chocolates on a cold November night than on February 14. I’d rather get love notes on a spring day in May than on February 14.