Social Experiment: Day 3 – encountering problems

So you asked if this would turn into a sequel of posts, and I’ve decided that it will.

I have encountered problems. My social experiment sort of requires a lot of carrot and absolutely no stick, which I am finding very difficult to abide by, since I’m more of a stick person in general. Particularly when it comes to annoying, stupid, ignorant, bothersome, frustrating (feel free to add adjectives on your own) people.

Unfortunately for me, I’ve realised that I am surrounded by such people, mostly they are on Facebook. How am I supposed to not say anything when people post pictures of irrelevant subjects, or when someone exclaims some interest/disinterest in some absurd subject? How am I supposed to just sit here and keep my mouth shut for all eternity?

But here I am, sitting in my living room trying the hardest ever not to comment on peoples stupidity on Facebook, and strongly considering terminating the social experiment. I am a weak person, when it comes to being nice.


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