I’m not saying that I treat people in my life like dogs, I’m not even saying I want to. All I am saying is that Pavlov had a point.

Pavlov's dogI realise that my bitchiness will probably get back to me one day, because people generally don’t like it when they are talked about behind their back or when I converse with you about treating them slightly like Pavlov did his dogs and reward good behaviour.

If they never find out it won’t hurt them (or me), right?

It is just that I am very much a social person and I love being surrounded by people, I just don’t like other people. I do realise that it is probably the most contradictory thing you have ever heard, but you know me well enough to also know that it is true.

My feelings, tangent to hatred, towards other people also sometimes calls for alternative means for me to even be around them. So I’m contemplating something new, conducting my own social experiment if you like. I’ll from now on ignore any person I dislike either because they are just annoying or because their behaviour is. Maybe I will be passive aggressive, juts because I can, and I like to be. Mostly I will award the behaviour I like and appreciate though. Some people might be slightly more relevant to this study than others, but I better not name anyone since that will ruin the experiment. Do not think that the lack of name calling stems from me being scared of their reaction, though that might also be the case.

But here goes. Social experiment: day 1…