(Warning: This blog post contains lots of pep! Well, Rikke-sized-pep.)

Happy February first everyone!

I am in a very good mood today. Why, you ask?

First of I had cake today. And not just any cake but the most awesome cake ever. The cake that Diana made for her study group “celebrating” whatever and let me crash said “celebration” to have a taste. Look at it!


It is the perfect combination of brownie, cheesecake and delicious raspberry whip cream topping. To die for.

And secondly, tonight I am going out! Mødregruppen and a couple of other gals from my study are having Tapas Night and then I will be damned if I do not make it to a dance floor somewhere to go cray cray.

I need it!  And I don’t care! I love it! will be my mantra all night long. As long as I am having fun I will not care what anyone might think, because I will be having fun and loving it.

Thirdly I will hopefully be shouting along with this all night:

Catch you on the flip side!