First of all, it is absolutely awesome that so very semi-famous people are following you. Though I only know who one of them are. I still sense the coolness though. I have absolutely no cool semi-famous people who follow me, I don’t even have any non-cool semi-famous people who follow me. But maybe I shouldn’t state that my tweets are mediocre in my profile text if I wanted them to.

But your post also reminded me of Hyperbole and a Half, not that I ever really forgot, because alots are awesome and I use them a lot in my quest to better the grammar of the regular Dane (though my previous blogpost states a slightly different approach).

So since we were also talking about Unicorns, which one should also do, I Googled alot and unicorn and found this:

Alot of Unicorn

It does look slightly more like My Little Pony, but there is a horn hidden above the alot’s left eye. Hence I declare it Alot of Unicorn.

There is also the Alot of Oatmeal:

Alot of OatmealWhich is apropos another guy with a book deal, who manages to still update his website, regularly. There are many posts about cats, Tesla and lately also dinosaurs, which I think everyone should read, because it is awesome – I still use awesome way more than I should.

I don’t think this post can deal with any more alots so I better stop now…