The Unicorn Success Club.

I do remember Text from Dog. I was the one who showed it to you. Sort of how I got us into Hyperbole and a Half where Allie also got a book deal and has not updated since 2011. Or how I love 2 Birds 1 Blog where they also got a book deal – for three books and I even bought their first book: The Misanthrope’s Guide to Life: (Go Away!) – and the last time I saw an update was in May of 2012. So many blogs left in the wasteland. And no, I do not begrudge them whatever success their blogs have given them, but throw a bone to the readers who helped you get that book deal to begin with. Jenny Lawson aka The Bloggess manages to do it, why can’t the rest?

New subject, which I will totally manage to connect with my little rant up there. I swear. Sort of.

Okay so now I will tell you that one of the actors in one of the webseries I currently follow – okay, that sounds like I follow a lot them, I only follow like two; Squaresville and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries – tweeted me. He presumably checked out my Twitter after I started following him. Which is all kinds of nice and makes me like him even more.

David Ryan Speer's TweetSo I should probably explain why he is tweeting me about the Unicorn Success Club, huh? Well, my Twitter blurb – or whatever you might call it – says the following:

An introvert extrovert, proud member of the Unicorn Success Club and an amateur silly person. And according to @AsheAgirl a meanie culture snob

The first is my spin on how Morten once described me, so that is a 100% Rikke original. Ish.

The Unicorn Success Club is however not my invention, but oh do I wish it was. Nope, it is an invention of Jenny Lawson – she a tie to my rant! – and the club meets the first week of Awesome and the mascot is a cougar, because picking a unicorn as a mascot is just to obvious. Read the linked blog post and you will understand it all.

Amateur silly person is an adaptation of Pamela Ribon‘s conglomerate description as being in part a professional silly person, but seeing as I am not a professional in any way or form I decided to go with amateur.

And lastly my sister thinks I am a meanie culture snob because I think 50 Shades of Grey is horrible without having read it while she thinks it is pretty rad. I stand by my opinion and will gladly embrace that descriptor.

And while I was busy writing this post this happened:

David Ryan Speer's Tweet #2I know that neither David Ryan Speer or Jenny Lawson are famous enough for other people to freak out over that tweet, but it pretty much made my evening awesome.

I love the internet!


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  1. Linda says:

    Loved that blog post and yours. Just found them after I started the Kick-Ass Unicorn Club (facebook page and blog). Our manifesto is not nearly as funny as Jenny’s, of course.
    We would love for you to come check us out and like/join the club.

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