Just shout their name!

So after having my last exam of the semester today I decided to just relax for the rest of the day, as I know you (I decided to write to you and not the rest of the world) are trying to get past your illness.

Relaxation means watching some of my brainless TV series. I decided to start with Bones, which I by the way am still not entirely sure I still like, but at least it is still somewhat entertaining, and there is a blood and gore guarantee. My point is though that there is one thing in these TV murder/criminal/navy/anythingwithguns shows. I realised, as so many times before that whenever they are in pursuit of the bad guy and they almost reach him; the point when they can see him in the distance, he often haven’t seen them and then for some unknown, and absolutely moronic reason, they have to shout out his name. WHY?

I realise that there should be some entertainment value in dramatic TV as above mentioned genres but come on, every single time?! That is just unnecessary.

There are may more things that bug me about these show, but we simple don’t have enough space to list them all in one post.

Since I didn’t succeed in finding a still picture (or a gif) from Bones displaying the situation I decided to just post this:

My favourite part of NCIS.
My favourite part of NCIS.

I realise he is not exactly young and I have a bunch of “rules” about guys that he doesn’t live up to the least bit, but somehow I find him so damn attractive anyway. His character reminds me of you a bit, he also has movie quotes and references that no one else understands or can consume.

And I think that was it for me for now.


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