I really wish I drank coffee.

Oh. My. God. No, wait. OH! MY! GOD!

So last night I only slept four hours – as you know as I slept on your floor – well, I did have a mattress – since I sort of locked myself in your apartment for a little self-imposed get-your-shit-together exam paper prison camp. And I have yet to sleep today. Tonight? I don’t know. I am too tired to contemplate such philosophical things. (Full disclosure? I  had to look philosophical up in the dictionary, because the ways I tried to spell it were not close enough for WordPress’s spell check to work its magic.)

And why all this stress and lack of sleep? Since my last post clearly stated that I had no worries about this particular paper? Well, first of I spend the two first days just sort of starring at my computer not knowing how to tackle the questions posed. I knew the theory and I even had a good idea on how to apply it in the context of the company in the assignment, yet nothing came to me. NOTHING!

I honestly had to force myself to even start typing. And I never really head that sweet spot where you’re just typing away and everything just flows. Well not until Sunday at six. In the evening. With hand in less than 24 hours away.

I doubt this paper will result in an A. I doubt I am ready for the next exam that starts tomorrow and lasts a week. At least I don’t have to write a paper. I have to do a twenty minute presentation. So no worries. Except that is what I said on Monday and look where I am now.

tiredI’ve spend an hour to find a picture that properly convey my thoughts. It is impossible. Mostly because my thoughts are so disjointed that I don’t even know what I’m thinking.

Also I want to say sorry to anyone who follows me on Twitter, because I’ve been a rambling mess over there. Sort of like this whole post.


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