So the New Years trip to Holland was beyond awesome. Just the break from the real world that I needed. I had so much fun hanging out with Trine and Mark doing absolutely nothing. (The last Kogle, Mai, was missed immensely) And seeing Wouter again was great – plus meeting his girlfriend with the awesome name Elske was also pretty fantastic. (Diana’s presence is implied in all of these instances.) (Sidenote: I never know if I should refer to you as you or you as Diana so it makes more sense to others.)

But now I’m back in Denmark. In a semi-cold apartment. I need to shop since my refrigerator is empty – besides from mozzarella that Diana left here before New Years – my bedding need to be changed, I have to put my clean clothes back in the closet and empty my suitcase plus I should prepare for my next exam week that starts on Monday.

So there is only one thing to say: Welcome back to reality!

Welcome back to reality.
Photo by Redboy who I hope will not hurt me for using his photo now that I’ve linked to the original.