Okay, so that title makes absolutely no sense if you haven’t watched The IT Crowd – but why wouldn’t you have? It is a brilliant show. But in case you’ve forgotten Moss goes on Countdown and wins then he hangs out with former Countdown winners and end being part of a Street Countdown came. (Which he wins.) Since the whole scene makes little sense if you haven’t watched they whole episode I only give you the quote:

Thank you Tumblr for the picture!
Thank you Tumblr for the picture!

But back to the countdown! This evening we board a train and head for Holland! It will be awesome. And while we leave today we do not arrive until tomorrow so technically there is still one day left on this countdown.

And it will be a update on my packing situation. Aren’t you all thrilled?

So far I’ve packed my passport and euros – thanks mom and Momme! – and half of my make up bag, so I really should be packing since we leave my place at five past six and we have to make dinner before that, but I’ve always been a phenomenal packer – except I’ve left my shampoo at my parents’ place when I packed this morning – so fear not! I will get this done in time.

Besides I have the essentials: toothbrush, passport, money and phone so I really am ready to say

“See you next year Denmark!”