It’s the (final) countdown.

Did you know that the first line in the song The Final Countdown is “We’re leaving together”?And that is what we will be doing! Leaving for Holland together. In what I am sure is a bumpy and loooooooong train ride, but who cares? Cause we’ll be in Holland with Trine and Mark! And we’ll get to see Wouter again! I need more exclamations points!!!!

Also, by the way:

I should be sorry for doing this to you, but I'm not.
I should be sorry for doing this to you, but I’m not.

But seeing as the song goes on talking about returning to earth we can conclude that it does not represent our trip to Holland. Anyway, here is three times yesterday where I was thinking and or listening to the song.

  1. When my dad, sister and I was leaving from a family Christmas get together and it was blasting in the radio – my dad turned the radio up to full volume!
  2. When I went on YouTube and saw that Pink Fluffy Unicorn Guy had uploaded this video:
  3. When I saw that you had written the first part of our countdown – which is not our final countdown! – and since the song was already sort of stuck inside my head it was a very natural jump to make.

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