Tomorrow is my dad’s birthday as well as the end of the world if you believe in that sort of thing, so I took it upon myself to ask my dad what his thoughts were on the subject. And my dad being his old reliable self just sort of grunted and said as long as the world waited to end after we had cake he was okay.

Not quite how my dad's cake will look,, but seeing as my sister has yet to bake it here's a picture of an old cake for him.
Not quite how my dad’s cake will look,, but seeing as my sister has yet to bake it here’s a picture of an old cake my sister made him when he won the Danish national championship in Rallycross.

Anyways my dad always managed to compose the most interesting menus for his birthday. Not because he is an adventurous cook, but because he is the pickiest eater in the history of picky eaters ever. Seriously, it would be easier to list his likes than dislikes.

One year he decided on pancakes for main course and dessert. Other years he has embraced his Christmas birthday and we’ve had rice pudding. And this year we are having mashed potatoes and sausages, so we continue the culinary adventures which includes cake, so how can you worry!