No limits to my love.

So I know you are sick, like really sick while I am just exam sick, so I though what can I do to make you feel better since I can’t physically be there to make you soup, tea and fuss about.

And what helps with sickness? Well according to The Big Bang Theory: The Soft Kitty Song. It goes like this:

Pretty easy to follow, no?
Pretty easy to follow, no?

But you seem so sick that an image of the lyrics along with a cute cartoon kitty will no help you at all. So I though what will help? Well, me sacrificing any and all dignity and uploading the video we both have of me singing Soft Kitty to this blog – Exam fatigue does weird things to my logic.

So without further ado. My heartfelt rendition of Soft Kitty. Completely unfiltered and unedited!

If it asks for a code it is: little ball of fur

Now, I know you have seen it, but I think that the fact that I am sharing it with the world will at least put a smile on you face.

(I can’t believe that I actually clicked publish on this post.)


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