The trials and errors of a dual citizen.

Never has one of our categories been more appropriate than the category procrastination is right now. Never.

As you and the rest of the world  know I am currently attempting to writing an exam paper.  And yes, Twitter is my one judgement free outlet of frustration, lack of concentration and inspiration as you so well put it.

And I can’t seem to concentrate enough to put pen on to paper – sound weird when we are talking about typing away in a  word document, but that’s the expression – and get the ideas which my awesomely colourful note board  clearly shows I have, so I procrastinate.

Procasti Nation: My new home.
Procasti Nation: My new home. Credit for finding the image goes to Sara of Team High Performance.
  • I learn about the dozenal system.
  • I waste time reading Smart Pop essays about Superman and Batman.
  • I eat an insane amount of mandarins.
  • I stare out my window just because I can.
  • I force myself out on walks in the snow because I believe it will somehow get me to concentrate better when I get back home.
  • I search for Ed Sheeran acoustic sessions on YouTube.
  • I drink unholy amount of tea.
  • I ignore the sink full of dirty dishes and the overfull laundry basket even if doing those things would actually be the good kind of procrastination.

I make up endless list for this blog so I can just avoid the my paper for five more minutes. 


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