I think we have done a great deal of work with not talking about man meat all the time, but after lunch today you’ve forced me to bring it back up by demanding that I request an addition to my part of THCOD here instead of real life.

So here goes. I would really like Stephen Amell.

For obvious reasons!
For obvious reasons!

First of all, he is wearing a suit, and we both know that that is one of my weak points. Also he is a CW guy and after giving you James Lafferty without the slightest bit of a fight, we know you are already on thin ice with taking anyone else from that channel (Jensen Ackles doesn’t count because I never really wanted him).

I had actually decided not to post a picture of Stephen Amell unclothed to support my case with the suit better, but I’ve changed my mind because I really really want to look at him as much as possible.

I don't care how photoshoped this is, I still want it.
I don’t care how photoshoped this is, I still want it.

So yeah, I want him, and I will get him.

He is CW, he is HOT and besides I’m the one that watches Arrow, which should also be a very valid point for him automatically going to me. So DIBS!