Wish. Command.

Your wish is my command. Even if you commanded the CW guy – yes, you just wrote about him, but I’ve already forgotten his name – more than you wished him. None the less I’ve updated The Hot Celebrity Ownership Divider©™®.

And you say I forced you hand like you did not enjoy both researching and writing that post. You forget that I know you. And by researches I mean this:

  • Go to Google Images
  • Type in “Stephen Amell” – I had to look his name up. I am a bad friend. I should know the names of your fantasy boyfriend(s) by heart.
  • Press search
  • Find image
  • Add “shirtless” to search field
  • Press search
  • Forget what you were doing to begin with and just stare at the screen

Am I right? I am, aren’t I?

Also did you know that in the comic book The Green Arrow has a goatee?

A very blond goatee.
A very blond goatee. I bet you are glad they left that out, huh. Go CW.

[Insert line break to indicate completely random change of topic. For real.]

Also for your information I’m quitting university to start a business with Rasmus. We are going to rid the world of boybands and other horrible things. Because as he said:

We could make good business, Rikke, what with my low/none existing morals and your connections… 😉

Yes, we are burning down the One Direction recording studio and selling the boys to the jungle of Borneo or somewhere in Thailand for fates unknown,  why do you ask?

[Insert line break to bring a short notice to the One Direction fans. Or any other boy band fans who have stumbled upon our blog for some reason.]

  1. How did you end up reading our blog?
  2. Please don’t hunt me down and burn me at the stake.

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