I come bearing gifts.

There there. And do you honestly think my hair is easier to control just because it is short? Ha! It might be short, but it is still a pain in the ass.

  • It gets fizzy in humidity
  • It has a thousand cowlicks so I have to straighten it every single day.

But enough about hair. We might be girls, but I refuse to be girly girls! So on with the next topic: musicals. (Oh, musicals are sort of girly girl-ish, right? Damn.)

Merry Les Miserable Countdown!
Merry Les Miserable Countdown!

So I found a advent calendar of Les Miserable related facts, videos and so on at Vulture and I am quite sure you will love it.

  • The first day was “25 Reasons We Are Abnormally Excited About Les Miz” which includes a possible uptick in babies named “Enjolras” and  Sasha Baron Cohen’s cockney accent among many others.
  • The second day was this video with Paul Rudd and Jason Segel:
  • The third day was a picture of a Jean Valjean action figure
  • The fourth day a few questions answered by Eddie Redmayne
  • And the fifth day was a “Call Me Maybe” cover done by children while they were performing in Les Miserable play – I’ll be honest and say I’ve liked that one the least so far.
  • The sixth day has yet to be published. I think they are updating it on New York time since Vulture is part of New York Magazine.

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