Paperback Writer.

I’ve yet again stumbled across something remarkable on the internet. A website that analyses text you’ve written and find tells you which famous writer you write like. So I naturally took it upon myself to figure out which writers we resemble the most.

Since we have 150 odd posts and I despite popular opinion don’t have unlimited patience I only feed the words from our top five post into the website. Well, that and of the time I actually wrote the majority of this post our latest post about Lady Gaga and whiter than white sisters.

And the result are in! Our five most popular post followed by the name of the famous writer’s style they mos resemble. (I just assume that is how the website works)

Now who the hell is Cory Doctorow? Not that I have any idea who the others are, but I did analyse a couple of handfuls of our other posts and his name popped up a lot. 

According to Wikipedia he is a Canadian-British – born in Canada, but he apparently also wanted to British citizenship there as well  – blogger, journalist and science fiction writer. And that is all I bothered to find out on his Wikipedia page so if you want more information look it up yourself.

I assume that we write like him because we are bloggers as well – saying it like that makes us seem professional, eh? – and maybe we write with a dash of science fiction…?

Oh yeah. You are Ian Fleming. Or at least your “whiter than white sister” post is written in Ian Fleming style, while my “Lady Gaga” post is written in J. K. Rowling style.


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