Crazy Stupid Family.

We all know the feeling, we really want to see our family but at the same time we really can’t deal with it all.

I find that people think I’m over the top and unfiltered, but where do you all think I got it from? Correct, my family!

I find it very much challenging to explain that even though I only have lessons 10-12 hours a week it doesn’t mean I just sit around doing nothing the rest of the time. I actually have a full time study and also a job and I have projects and exams and even though I have time some Mondays I might not just be able to switch my week around the time my other family members have the best time.

Somehow though I always end up being the one asked last. Because naturally I can just fix my own schedule. Most of the time I can, but not always and definitely not because other people just expect me to.

My family is insane, noisy and judgemental. I’m never gonna be able to keep a boyfriend around because the second he meets my family he will go running for the hills.

Crazy FamilyBut for now I am going to go play nice in order to not ruin my granddad’s birthday, which has been moved from Sunday (yesterday) to Monday, because that makes all the sense in the world when several of us have work and school all day!

I don’t get my family so how will strangers ever?


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  1. H. Berg says:

    Good thing that you never see you family over Christmas then.. Oh, wait.

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