How do I fix me?

So in our tour through the blog during our update I had a realisation; I write way to seldom and I write way to much about how I don’t write often enough. So I’ve decided that I need to stop. I need to stop writing about how I need to be better at writing, and I also need to stop with the long breaks.

This means that this post will be my last post about slow responses, slow moving subjects and slow blogging in general. I will stop completely.

But how will I manage to do all of this? My plan is very very simple. I just need to be less aware of what I post. As you sometimes do, just a video or a simple sentence to account for your continuous existence. I need to think less really. So I will. I will dumb myself down, remove the last shed of filter I have.

So be prepared, this might be a wild ride…

jumpy kitten


4 Comments Add yours

  1. H. Berg says:


    Don’t imply that how I blog is dumb. It is just different from your way. Or your old way, if you insist.

    Don’t dumb yourself down. Just remove the filter.

    1. D. Kohler says:

      Oh you noticed that! I hoped you wouldn’t. Which in it self was rather naive. Filter hereby removed.

      1. H. Berg says:

        Nothing slips me by!

      2. D. Kohler says:

        Well apparently not.

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