Tag me this. Tag me that.

Some people do spring cleaning, but since spring is far away I propose that we do a Christmas cleaning. Of what you might ask? Of our tags. They are a mess!

Let me give you some examples:

  • We have a tag called list and then another called lists. We should really just stick to say list. Some goes for awesome and awesomenessboredom and bored to just mention a few. 
  • We have 602 tags in total. Excluding all the new tags I decide to add to this post.
  • Aarhus University  is a tag, but so is University  and when do we ever refer to it by its official name?
  • Also we should agree on when to capitalise a tag and when not to.
  • Llama and alpaca are actual tags. We sure do cover a lot of ground on this blog.
  • Maybe we should look through our categories as well when we are at it. Do we really need a category called Foursquare? Why not slot Foursquare with Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and so on in one category called Social Media?
  • We have three tags referring to being insane: insanity, insane and I am insane. Combined they are used 13 times.
  • Surprisingly work is used 16 times. And I doubt any of them are in positive ways.
  • Dolly Parton is tagged a total of six times. Two times more than Strings of Thoughts favorite Nolan Ross.
  • The tag institutionalized. comes with the period.
  • I love that we have a tag called Declan is an idiot.
  • I use Michael Jackson where as you use MJ.
  • We have two posts tagged naked.
  • I had forgotten that I made up the name expression slovt. What is worse is that I had to look up the post to remember what it meant and why I made it up.

In conclusion we need to do some housekeeping around here. And seeing as my exams are coming up soon clearing out our tags will most likely be one of the many forms of procrastination I will turn too. Well, that and doing my dishes.


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