In which I talk about Lady Gaga for no apparent reason.

Which I guess is not technically the truth, but you know how I feel about headlines, so bare with me here and I will tell you why I am going to talk about Lady Gaga. The actual Lady Gaga and not just people thinking that I am Lady Gaga.

Anyways I went to a very excellent presentation about Digital Media Trends: Google and I learned a lot – like I need a new phone with enough memory for me to have all the app’s I desire without having to delete Wordfeud to have room for Twitter. But the thing that was still with me this morning when I woke up was Lady Gaga. Lady fucking Gaga.

Why, you ask? Well one of the very first video that Google guy showed us was a advert for Google Chrome featuring Lady Gaga and The Edge of Glory:

And you know how me and Lady Gaga songs get along. We stick like glue. I just have to think “Rah, rah, roma, ma” and Bad Romance will be stuck in my head for days while I desperately try to sing the lines of the chorus in the right order so I don’t drive myself even more insane than having that song stuck in my head has already made me.

I am not even sure that sentence makes any sense semantically or syntactically that is how insane Lady Gaga and her songs drive me.

And since I am rambling – yes the above definitely fall in the category of rambling – I can mention that after my first day in Grammar Boot Camp with Team High Performance – the Grammar Boot Camp nickname for Mødregruppen; I managed to tell Helene that if she did indeed have pink highlighter on her face when she made it to work she could just claim that her makeup was Lady Gaga inspired.

That could just be pink highlighter, right?

Crap. I don’t just have Lady Gaga songs stuck in my head. I have Lady Gaga stuck.


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