I wholeheartedly concur my whiter than white sister…

Okay I don’t exactly know why I made that title, but made it is. And I rather like it, though I would not know what the slang is for whiter than white sister.

I realize I am terrible at updating my share of this blog, it has recently turned into the Rikke ramblings, but I am back, stronger than ever. I promise. With almost certainty.

First of all I found my metaphorical tiara, it was just there one day, on my bed when I came home from another day at Uni. I guess the trolls brought it, but I am not sure, so my advice for you is to drag yourself through life, leave your apartment as always and then hopefully soon you will have one lying on your bed when you come home from an exhausting day. Since I am not allowed to buy you a real tiara that is the best I can do for you, hope!

Wouldn’t you like this to bring you a metaphorical tiara?

We really do dislike the same people, and even if we don’t we get to after listening to the other person hate on them.

I don’t know why, but I have really not felt like putting things out there lately. I have been in a foul mood but everything has been good for a week or so. I’ve been afraid of jinxing it though. What if shouting to the rooftops that I am finally happy and content will result in me ending up back where I started in a grey, dull and very not happy place?

People DO need to stop misquoting movies though. But yet another example of our dislike towards the same group of people.

I’ve decided though that the world will not be allowed to knock me down now, not this time. I’m doing great and even though it isn’t December yet, I’m positive. I can’t wait for Saturday when decorating the apartment with elves and fake snow along with several other Christmas ornaments will finally let my head realize that it is December, it is soon to be Christmas and that is truly awesome. Maybe Santa will bring you metaphorical tiara?

This post is turning out quite a mess, so as a public service here are my main points:

  • Your metaphorical tiara will arrive (either by trolls or Santa).
  • I am in a genuinely good place, and finally feel like telling the world.
  • People who misquote movies are not worthy of love.
  • I’m back, baby!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. H. Berg says:

    Are you implying that I’m pale?

  2. D. Kohler says:

    No I am referring more to your personality than your colour.
    When the sentence “J-Biebs you’re doing it wrong” is the most slang you get, you’re whiter than white.

  3. H. Berg says:

    What what!

    Btdubs I’m totz adorbz.

    How is that for slang?

  4. D. Kohler says:

    First of all that is totally wrong don’t ever do that again! Second that is more lol cat than actual slang.

    1. H. Berg says:

      You used your phone to reply to my previous comment, right? Because if outcorrect wasn’t involved in making more into morning you have serious typing issues.

      1. D. Kohler says:

        Yes I used my phone, and I am not good friends with it when it comes to the English dictionary.

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