A metaphorical tiara.

I sort of feel like I am stuck in a weird funk lately. I am very meh. (Did you know that meh is in the English dictionary? Yeah, me neither.)

Sort of like Gorilla feels in his Call me Maybe Cover

And I am not quite sure how to get out of my funk, but as I was getting lost in a black YouTube hole I might have stumbled across the answer! I need a tiara!

Well, not a real tiara because I am not that much of a princess, but I need a metaphorical tiara. (Fun fact: Every time I’ve typed metaphorical I’ve misspelled it.) I need to feel the utter glee and happiness that Amy does when Sheldon gets her a tiara.

I mean look at her go all crazy:

I need the happiness a tiara brings to life, but again I have to stress that I don’t want a real tiara. Honestly. I would look like an idiot wearing a tiara so let’s not buy me one, okay? So what I am asking is this:

Where does one get a metaphorical tiara? And do you think it is expensive?


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