Sometimes I wonder…

… if we should just post our Skype conversations on the blog, but then I think about for another three seconds and it seems like a much worse idea than anyone can ever imagine.

We would scare people so much if we let them in on our conversations. Even when you suggested that we tape one of our Skype conversations the other day I got a little scared because people already think we are weird, and honestly, they have no idea just how crazy we really are.

Proof of insane conversations.

I know that we joke about being in symbiosis but we are scarily alike in our individual string of thoughts (see what I did there?), we somehow manage to know exactly what the other person means and thinks in a way that frankly scare even myself a little. So for now, we will keep this blog, and its somewhat censored content. Because the world can’t handle the rest of our thoughts and interactions.


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