To randomness. To you and me.

I’ve been looking at the blinking cursor for a while now – both on this blog post as well as on the Word document for the assignment I have to finish for the end of this week – and nothing seems to be written. Other than a few stray notes on the assignment and quotes in the Word document. My Skype conversations see more action – hell even YouYube’s search field does.

And why can’t I seem to write anything here? Well, I promised myself that my next post should not be a “I found this random thing on the internet and I have to share it with you” post which I feel like the majority of my posts have been lately. Some are short I just wanted to post something to show that we were still alive, but I still feel like they somehow lack soul and sort of display me in the wrong light.

I am more than what I say on the internet, but how will the internet know that if I don’t try to be a bit more diverse than Revenge gifs and Banana Boat advertisements? Even if those say a lot of who I am and my experiences in life if you look close enough.

And then when I start to feel bad for the weird posts and lack of thought I remember why we started this blog to begin with and the last line in our original thought sort of says it all.

Just two girls trying to entertain each other and keep the connection of randomness alive.

And our connection is not less because I post weird YouTube videos and other nonsense or if you don’t post for two weeks it is just as strong. And we should not feel guilty for the lameness of our post in the eyes of the rest of the world because this is for you and for me and all the people out there who appreciate a random blog the same way we do.

Randomness and silliness for the win!

So let’s never change and let’s remember that a good story can be told on Strings of Thoughts even if has been told on Skype the day before.


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