We deserve a medal. Or something.

Some might consider us bad people for forgetting our one year anniversary, but I say we are (well)adjusted people who have so much else going on in their lives to remember a relatively small thing as the one year anniversary of a blog.

Well, truth be told I am horrible at remembering things like that. I constantly forget when people’s birthdays are and if my parents had not gotten married the year I was born I would probably forget how many years they have been married. (I know their anniversary is in September sometime around the 26th but every year we get near to that date I completely forget that I am supposed to remember that they got married that day back in 1986.)

Funny thing is that I am pretty good at remembering random trivia and historical dates, but as soon at I have to use that power for something useful in my own life I blank on it. Maybe it is because I don’t even value my own birthday. I know when it is, but I have never been the type to go crazy because it was suddenly my day. Or well, half my day since I’ve been sharing it with my cousin since I turned ten.

I think in stead of focusing on the fact that we forgot our one year anniversary we should focus on the fact that we have kept this up for a whole year! As a natural starter and very unnatural finisher I am quite proud of us! We could have easily abandoned this venture and while not every post have been top quality – but really what are we measuring ourselves against? – we have persisted. And that is truly worthy of something even if I have yet to figure out what.


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