The big day came and went…

I just discovered something rather terrible! Last Saturday was the 1 year anniversary of our blog. This event was left uncelebrated, I guess mostly due to the fact that we moved the blog in February and hence it does not look like we’ve had it since November 3rd 2011. But we have.

I find it rather sad that we didn’t celebrate this day. We should have had flags and stuff. Have declared it our personal “national” holiday, or something like that. Instead, the blog stood untouched. All alone in the cold November rain it wept because we neglected it. Well I probably more than you.

I’m not a natural blogger. It doesn’t come all natural to me. Though people are intangible dots in the great big universe I still feel like I have to please them, write something interesting, and maybe even ground breaking. Though I love our six degrees of separation discussions, and our hot celebrity ownership divider I don’t really think they are ground breaking. So how do I come to terms with the fact that I’m not a natural at this? I write. I post whatever I feel like and my stomach is left as it is, twisting and turning like the time we went to the cinema as a witch and a devil for no apparent reason.

I admire people who don’t care. I shouldn’t care. This is our blog and who gives a fuck what other people think. They can read it, or leave it alone it really isn’t because of other people we are doing this. Still I feel like I have to please the public. I have to save the world once again, though I don’t think I ever have before. But tell me, when is it my turn to be saved?

And now this turned into something I really didn’t mean for it to turn into, but I guess this is just the mood I’m in at the moment. So congrats to us, for sticking with the blog for this long. And I will try and blog more. I will try and care less about the public qualities of my updates and just write, because I can, and because I like it.

p.s. I will also try and be better at including photos, videos and sometimes gif’s to my updates.


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