The things I tell you.

So I’ve discovered, after hours of searching the deepest corners of my soul and mind, the reason that I find it difficult to post on this site too often.

I am sure you are very very excited to find out what it is….

I tell you everything before I get to write it here. So I feel slightly weird writing it on an online forum as well.

Last week I told you I would write about the strangest day of my life, but then I told you what it is and felt a little strange going home and writing it all again. I’ve decided that I’m going to anyways, because if I don’t I will never write anything. So here goes, the strangest day of my life.

It started out a rather good day, as Fridays very often are. I went to uni for my teamwork course and I was looking forward to it. The sun was shining and the sky was blue, which is was very welcomed since, let’s face it, it has been rather grey lately. Then after half an hour in class it was snowing outside. Yes actual snow, but still sunshine.

It stopped snowing again rather quickly and everything went back to a relatively normal state. That day I had classes in a hallway where most other rooms were used for exams. During exams there are retired people making sure people don’t talk and to take students to the bathroom and stuff. In the midst of my teacher explaining the principals of a crisis one of these old men put his head in the door urging us to get out of the room, there had been a bomb threat. I still don’t really get what happened, and I mostly didn’t believe him. Had it not been for the police officer standing in the door 30 seconds later, and with extreme authority in his voice, giving us almost the exact same message.

“Get your thing together as fast as you can, and leave the building. There has been a bomb threat”

No one knew where to go.

To be honest it was rather chaotic, not that people panicked, no one just really knew what to do. We went right outside the building and then just stood there for a while. Because everyone knows that if there is a bomb, the safest place is 3 meters away from the building. We just didn’t know where to go. Should we just go home? After a few minutes we decided to just go. Some had been told the school would be closed down for the rest of the day.

For some people this might not seem that strange, but I live in Denmark, and not only that, I also grew up in a town with only 35.000 people. I realise Aarhus is a bit bigger, but it is still Denmark. And if someone was to bomb anything choosing the business faculty would be a very very small target. Still this is all just slightly overwhelming for someone who believe in a world that is safe and has never experienced anything else.

As if this was not enough to make this a very very strange day I actually had yet another strange experience. It all happened on my way home.

I bike to and from school, and on my way home I go through these cycle paths and when I was almost home I came across a man, which in itself is not really strange since a lot of people transport themselves via these cycle paths. The strange thing about this man was that he was peeing at the side of the path, not in a discrete sort of way, no in the pants at the ankles sort of way. I was considering going another way since you never know what people might do. But I continued past him and his white butt cheeks to return to the comfort of my own home. Then I stayed there, because frankly, the world is a strange and dangerous place.


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