More than a thousand words

I’ve found a new internet love. It is not even a new thing or anything revolutionary. It is just gifs. Mostly because sometimes a picture just doesn’t do justice to the source material.

So here are my two favorite gifs from last Sunday’s Revenge: Intuition. Oh, spoilers a-ho fun ahoy.

This is just awesome. Also Nolan Ross is getting some action. He deserves it.
Epic fall. I could watch this over and over and over so it is a good thing someone made a gif of it.

Other thoughts:

  • I’m still not sure what to think of Aiden and the role he will play in Emanda’s plan.
  • How creepy is Emanda’s mom? With the drowning attempt and stun gun wielding? I like her.
  • Can we just forget Ashely exist? Because I often do.
  • On the other hand she brings out scheming Daniel and I like him.
  • I actually like Faux-Amanda in this episode. Bringing the strippers? Fantastic move.
  • This episode did not feature enough Conrad and Victory sniping.
  • Declan is an idiot.
  • Woe is Jack.

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