The tale continues…

I know I am going slightly overboard with writing two updates with only a few minutes separating them, but the stupidity at my table continues and I’ve officially given up on my homework!

I need to share the stupidity, so I’ve decided to just live update you on their conversation.

– They are calling each other to make sure that they have successfully silenced their phones. Also the girl got super excited because she succeeded in answering the call!
one should not own a smart phone if they can’t successfully answer an incoming call.

– I am thinking they might be a couple since they are now shopping for a TV at Elgiganten… Why did they chose this store? Because she has two friends working there and she can get everything she sees on the shelves for about half price.
My brother works at Elgiganten and I know for sure that you cannot get TV’s for half the price just because of the employee discount, besides only family can use the employee discount.

– Still discussing the TV. Is 50″ too much? Maybe 40″ is enough! He wan’ts the big one, she wants the “small” one. But then again the big one is a nicer design and it has Internet, so you can go online from the TV. Her very accurately pointing out that since they can’t even figure out how to use the internet on the smartphone they probably won’t use it on the TV.
I must say that is the smartest thing she has said while at the table. If you don’t even know the difference between LCD and LED TV’s you probably shouldn’t buy a TV with internet access!

– Does the foot come with the TV? (obviously that is her question)
Well no, you have to balance the super slim TV against the wall (sarcasm implied).

– Okay her talk on the energy usage of the TV I am not even going to repeat, it is way too stupid to go on the internet, which says a lot since there is seriously weird stuff out there.

– She might not really want a new TV now since it uses so much energy when it is standby! And besides it stresses her out to even think about it.
Oh sweetheart (and I say this in the most condescending way) your current OLD TV very likely uses way more energy than a new flat screen with energy mark A+! Besides if it stresses you out, please get out the university building because then you will never graduate!

This is what imagine her current TV looks like.

Now they are leaving after her stating what has been very very obvious for me for some time now!

Okay Jonas (I swear she has been calling him Jesper the entire time) let’s just go home, we won’t get anything done today anyway.


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