I’m trying to be sorry…

I really am feeling like I should be sorry that I haven’t written you for a while, but the truth is that I have had absolutely nothing interesting to say. Besides I don’t appreciate you calling this blog a sinking ship. So I will skip this lesser heartfelt apology and get straight to the point.

I went to uni early this morning though my classes aren’t until one this afternoon. Why you might ask in disbelief, and my answer is simple. I really thought it would help in focusing on the reading I have to do for today’s classes. As you are very well aware I am not a homework lover, and it does not help that I know pretty much everything I am reading, but I still have to read it because I need to know which of the things I already know I am supposed to know for this course. (That sentence makes sense in my head, so I hope it does outside my head as well).

But really the point is that I was sitting at a table minding my own business (I really was reading), but then two very very sociologically interesting people asked if they could sit down, and I had to sort of say yes, since I can not take up an entire eight person table on my own.

Their sociological interest you might wonder about, but I can tell you that these people have apparently recently changed their old mobile phones for one of this very very difficult to handle smart phones. At the moment they are discussing how to make the internet work… I really feel like showing them, but somehow it is more interesting to see how long it takes before they figure out for themselves that they simply have to press the internet symbol! Not that I am condescending (well not more than I ever always are), but previously it took them 15 minutes or so to figure out how to delete just one text in the middle of the thread we all know from smartphones. Come on people, it is not that difficult.

This is what they look like.

Live update: They have given up on figuring out how to use the internet and instead they are now discussing the difference between a wallpaper and a theme…

Oh how I am not going to be able to do any homework as long as they are present at my table. Though I am studying of it-communication, and this counts as that, right?!


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