Are you there Diana? It’s me, Rikke.

Dear Diana,

I am writing you since it seems that you have disappeared from the surface of WordPress. And Twitter, well, your absence there has been very long except from various updates from Instagram and Foursquare so I guess you have not completely abandoned the blue bird.

Well, the reason that I am pointing out your absence is that I sort of miss you around here. Not that I can’t run this ship without you because as I proved yesterday, I find the weirdest crap online. Like Hank Green acting all kinds of insane while telling 51 jokes in under four minutes:

But the point is that my insanity alone can not fuel this sinking boat while you jump ship – And I know that all my maritime metaphors are not making any sense at all anymore, but deal with it. I know nothing about sailing! – so please come back and make me seem just a little more sane in comparison. Unlikely yes, but give it a go, no?




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