I miss Yoo Moo.

I’ve been munching smoothies all day, or evening as it is now, and I have come to one conclusion: We need to have more frozen yogurt place in Denmark!

No, really, think about it. Frozen yogurt is pretty awesome. What do you mean you never had it?! Shesh. Well, it is. When I was living in London Carina and I spend a whole day scouring frozen yogurt shops to find the best one. For real, a whole day, okay okay, we went shopping first and then decided that we needed to treat ourselves with frozen yogurt. And the best frozen yogurt in London according to us? Well Yoo Moo! Mostly the mix-it-yourself-one near where Carina lived, because it is more fun when you get to choose the amount and flavor of yogurt and the option of mixing toppings just add more delight to creating the frozen yogurt treat that best matches the mood of the day.

Anyways, I’ve been Googling frozen yogurt in Aarhus for a while now and the only place I can come up with is Paradis, which I know do ice cream, but do they really do frozen yogurt? And something called Cold Stone Creamery, which I am not even sure still exist in the place they claim.

So either I should learn to make my own frozen yogurt or I should convince Yoo Moo to set up shop in Denmark, whichever is easiest.


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