Gorilla with a hat. Or ten.

So I think it was time that we introduced Glove and Boots to more people. Today i feel like it is necessary because of Gorilla and his many hats.

Look at all the hats.

Their latest video is Top Ten Worst Top Ten Lists:

Favorite parts:

  • Classic Mario: “This is the worst”
  • Multiple Gorilla’s in the opening.
  • Ib is only the fifth worst name for a boy. I say it is at least top three material.
  • Lists with Hilter on them are bad.
  • Twilight bashing!
  • Mario loves Barry Manilow while Fafa represents the rest of us.
  • Nicolas Cage has some weird hair. really weird hair.

They deem this the worst top ten list. I disagree. For reasons look above.


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