Crash Test Dummy.

So yesterday I crashed my bike into a guy on his bike. blindsided him except he was the one who was supposed to stop for me. I hurt like hell, but at least me and my bike could walk away more or less in one piece. His bike could not.

Scene of the crime. Notice my utter annihilation of his front wheel.

But even if it was his fault I was the one that got hurt and showed up in class with blood dripping from my face. (Okay, it might not be as dramatic ass it sounds, but it sure feels that way.)

And today my face ached because of the bruised lip and scrape on my chin – I will have a neat little scar of that I’m sure – which also serves a bruise. My knees have bruises in various places and my arms ache from taking the blunt of the force from my spectacular fall.

So in conclusion: A bike helmet is now on my Christmas wish list. And maybe also one of those fruit shaped fruit storage ones.

Because my apple did not survive the crash.

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