Another dimension.

I agree with every single reason you just gave for anticipating the return of Revenge. I also agree that Nolan Ross is brilliant and Revenge would not work without him. I am not exactly sure how they are going to keep Revenge as enticing and revengeful as the first season, but I am willing to put my doubts aside and believe in the writers because they have given me no reason not to.

But for me it is not just amazing that Revenge returns, generally I feel like September is always the month where I get my life back. Actually some might consider the opposite what is really happening, because September means all of my favourite shows’ return to TV. Whether it be series I love to hate or hate to love or simply just love to love.

I’ve already been so so happily surprised by Glee, which in itself is amazing, since I was so ready to just dump that show as a boyfriends who cheated. I am sincerely hoping this will also be the case for How I Met Your Mother, unfortunately I tend to believe this to be wishful thinking. There are so many more shows that I can’t wait to return to, a lot of them CW shows, you know my weakness for the CW boys (I call them boys because Gro says I am not allowed to call them men).

The shows I look forward to the most though (besides Revenge) are:

  1. The Big Bang Theory
    My reasons are obvious, this series stay funny, has stayed funny always. The writers know how to stick to a decent amount of their story lines (which is so so rare for comedy series). I just love all of the characters and I miss them when they are not around for the entire Summer.
  2. New Girl
    Because it had an awesome first season. Zooey is amazing and I just laugh. I still want my own douchebag jar.
  3. Don’t trust the B in apartment 23
    Well anyone who watched the first short season will agree. I look forward to the development of this truly bitchy show.
  4. Smash
    Because I need to see if they can make this show amazing. The first season was very very changing in standard, but I am a sucker for musicals and hence this is just to much of that world to write off.

A lot of my favourite shows are comedies but who doesn’t love a show that can make you laugh? Not a single one of the new shows I am planning to give a chance are comedies, so perhaps I will have a change of heart. We will just have to wait a few months and see..


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