The Nolan Ross Factor.

So as a way to procrastinate from reading a 14 page article about “The communication between organizations and their environment” I look up the stats for our blog. And among all the different statistics about which posts and pages are views the most, which countries the views come from and which site refer the views you can also see which search engine terms people search for and end up on out blog also known as Random Ramblings from Two Oddballs.

And to my surprise there is a definite trend. A factor that plays into four of the top five most searched expressions leading to this blog. I call it the Nolan Ross Factor.

Nolan Ross from Revenge is dominating this list.

Clearly people love Nolan just as much as me and really who can blame me. He is a scene stealer with the most brilliant one liners. And I can’t be the only one here looking forward to the return of Revenge in one week!

There will be scheming, Emanda’s mother, the return of the Ice Queen from death, perhaps? (I can’t decide if bringing Victoria back is a good idea or not.), paternity drama and more Nolan!

Other than Nolan people also come to us in regards to “firstly, secondly, thirdly and fourthly” as well as a wide range of CW Boys. And that is just the search phrases more people have searched for.

We also provide entertainment – I wanted to write information, but that just seems wrong in connection with us – on the following topics:

  • Dibs on Ryan Gosling
  • “It’s a good thing i was born a girl, otherwise I’d be a drag queen” – Dolly Parton
  • Where Lady Gaga hangs out
  • Slippery when Moist – this one appears several times in different connections like “download” “2012” and most importantly “Garfunkel and Oates”
  • Jake Gyllenhaal Austin Nichols
  • I was a Disney princess
  • Good morning Vienna song
  • White women with afro’s
  • When you get feelings
  • No possible way for me to be poor
  • I’m spineless, how can I change?
  • Did Julian Smith die?
  • Batdog and zombie pigeon
  • How I Met Your Mother: Ted and Robin; String quartet dialogue
  • Plaque – i am right 98% of the time
  • Fifth Circle of Hell sullen

We are diverse!

Also I did edit the search terms; People should learn that people’s names start with capital letters.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. D. Kohler says:

    As for the capital letter search term issue, I believe that everything appears on the list uncapitalised for some unapparent reason. So I do really believe that there are some people out there who knows names begin with capital letters.

    Secondly and thirdly are not that important points so I will skip those…

    But fourthly when did we decide our blog should have an “aka”?

  2. H. Berg says:

    Perhaps, but people are also dumb so some made those searches without capitalizing.

    And we didn’t I just felt that in the context of this post an “aka” furthered my point.

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