The mystery of time.

Time works very very strange. Sometimes time flies by. Yesterday was one of those days. My mother and brother came for a visit and it felt like the just arrived when suddenly it was 11 and they had to leave because they needed to drive for one and a half hour and my brother still had homework, as did I actually. But my point was not so much that I had a great time, with people I really miss, yesterday. My point is that one would assume that the reason for time flying by was that I had something to do, but no that is not the case. Today I have had plenty to do. I really have. I first had organisation and now I am enjoying the wonders of computer science. And time feels like it has stopped. I look at the teacher (or mostly at the computer screen) and hear what he says and it feels like he has been talking for hours. But in reality there is still 40 minutes left of this horror.

Wasting time is a whole new concept when one is studying for their master’s degree. This should not be a waste of time, but it really is. I have not learned one single thing in this class. He is simply going through the text read for today step by step. Why would one do that. Lecturers are here to give meaning to it all, or not? Have I misunderstood the concept of teaching?

But then again my teacher is the very typical dusty boring absolutely bland and grey personality of any mathematics person I’ve ever met (offence intended).
You know the type very well. Tweed wearing, grey haired and obnoxiously boring. He assumes that we know the math going into any calculation, which just leaves most of us baffled and utterly confused, while wondering what happened to our youth!


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