Happy Birthday Trine!

I was originally going to bitch and moan about having to write academically again after a year of my most serious writing have been on this blog, so we all know how high that level is. But then something magically happened.

I went on Facebook – as you do in the middle of a lecture about organizational identity – and I was reminded of Trine’s birthday, because I already knewthat her birthday is in September – not that far away from Morten’s or my tiny cousin’s, well as tiny as twelve year old that is almost as tall as me can be – so I had not forgotten it. I had not forgotten it, you hear me Trine!

But Trine’s birthday makes me sad, because she is living in far away Holland – Shut up! Holland is far away – and I am here in Denmark. Not optimal birthday celebrations conditions, but that shall not stop me from celebrating her all day long!

I started out by sleeping in since I went to bed late due to a stupid summary of a research paper that I had to finish before I could go to bed. Then I took the bus instead of my bike, mostly because my bike has a flat tire and are at the bike repair guy’s place until this afternoon. And right now I am writing this blog instead of paying attention in class. I think Trine will appreciate my celebration efforts.

Even more when I go home and decorate a muffin and snap a picture of it as a virtual birthday present just to show her how much I love her.

So today I will only think happy thoughts and send them all the way to Holland so Trine knows that even if I can’t celebrate with her right now I am thinking about her. And that I miss her and the other Kogle Ladies. She is special and deserves way more than a Facebook birthday greeting.

So I’m giving her an image of The Oatmeal’s greeting card. With a belching kitty. And I think everyone should head to his shop and buy all the greeting cards.

Also how awesome is it that we already have a category called “Birthday”?


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