Computer Science – a science…

I know it is quite obvious from the title of the subject that computer science is a science, but seriously, it is darn difficult. Not so much understanding mass storage and the difference between a DVD and a Blue Ray Disc, but what is up with the binary system? I get 1 and 0 and combining them in various ways is storing different information that can then be decoded by a number of different decoders whether the information stored is an image or a text document, but then there are 8 digit systems, and 16 digit systems, and sometimes all you need is 4 digits.

See I don’t normally consider myself stupid – not that I consider myself clever – but I got enough common sense to make it through the day. Though when I study computer science I feel very much like Penny when Sheldon tried to teach her some physics.

Also I feel like my book is talking to me like Sheldon does to Penny, which on top of everything else makes it very very difficult to concentrate. Who can concentrate when they read everything in the voice of Sheldon Cooper.

I guess that when the exam comes I will just have to go about it as Penny did:

That’s it. That’s all I know!


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